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Books for Children
Ages 2-10

Mia's First Sleepover by Kaira Lee (9-year old author) Mia is so excited to have her first sleepover! This storybook follows her day from being super excited, to telling stories, to finally going to bed. Come along for her first sleepover and see all the fun things she does!

Have You Seen a Red Elephant? by Mary D. Welch In this book, a red elephant is having fun doing many activities. The book teaches children the color red while using the activities of the elephant that rhythm. The elephant is harmless and his activities are cute and amazing. A perfect book for young children.

Stuck in the Elevator by Mary D. Welch During the experience no one panicked on the outside, but you could feel the sense of panic on the inside. Remaining calm was the best thing everyone did. We made it out just fine!

Payton, The Pink Whale with the Yellow Tail by Mary D. Welch This book is for anyone that knows what it is like to be rejected. The blue whales did not want to be friends with Payton, because he was a different color although, we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. What the blue whales failed to realize is that our differences make us unique. If you have ever been rejected for any reason, I think you will enjoy "Payton, The Pink Whale with the Yellow Tail."

My Cat is a Spy by Justin S. Lowe A mysterious cat appears at a woman’s doorsteps, prompting her to question her new friends true intentions - and identity.

Coming soon to paperback: "There's a Rocket in my Pocket"

Books for Adults

From the Ashes I Rise; Dare to do the Impossible by Dr. Mildred Dalton Hampton-Henry Have you ever said, "yes" when you wanted to say, "no"? Then this book is for you.

Saying No Nicely by Mary D. Welch

Coming soon: "I Love Wills"

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