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If you are an owner of a house or other residential property, then you need to be ready to protect it from probate, which is the process of administering someone's estate after their death. That's why it's important to make sure you have your house titled correctly with probate avoidance mechanisms in place.

There is a little known secret that is available to homeowners in most states because families are torn apart because many people die without a "will". And even though the homeowner had a "will" ultimately the judge will decide what happens to the property. So what do you do?

To hire a lawyer to set up a "Trust" would set you back, what $1,500 to $3,500? And I know that is not something you want to do right now! Your home is a gift, even more than that it is a legacy to your family. Why take a chance that it will get "eaten up" by the system?

There is a way to save your home from the courts for less than $50.

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Save YOUR Home From Probate: Available in Most States

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